Windows, Prime Door Installation – Quincy, MA

Winstal’s latest project was a Quincy window replacement, where we renovated a front porch with windows, trimwork and a new door.

This home transformation included several different tasks, focused on the house’s windows and doors. The first project was to replace the old “blind-style” windows with new double-hung windows from EcoShield. These windows will offer energy efficient performance and a clean look. The double-hung windows open inward for easy cleaning. We also replaced the glass door with a more secure fiberglass entry door. Finally, we concluded the project by adding trimwork (or “cap and wrap”) around the windows, which protects the wood from the elements and covers up any cosmetic damage. This wrapped up our Quincy window replacement project, and Winstal is on to our next home improvement project! If you’re looking for a similar project, get a Free Estimate today!

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