Post and Railing Replacement – East Bridgewater, MA

Have old or rotted posts and railings on your porch? Call Winstal for a railing replacement with long-lasting vinyl versions.

Once your posts and railings start to rot out, that’s the time to consider replacing them. This can help stabilize your deck or porch, and make your home more attractive to the eye. In some cases, this can involve a total deck replacement if the rotting is that bad. Luckily with this East Bridgewater home’s railing replacement, the damage was only limited to the posts and railings. This made the project much easier, allowing us to proceed with a post and railing replacement, instead of having to build an entirely new porch. The difference in the pictures below is slight but notable. Winstal removed two of the old porch posts, allowing for greater visibility. In addition, the new railings are made of vinyl, which provide for years and years of faithful service.


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