Garage Door Replacement – Weymouth, MA

With a garage door replacement, this Weymouth home gets a shot of life and security.

For this Weymouth home, Winstal replaced an old garage door with a brand new one from Clopay Garage Doors. This new garage door gives the garage a clean appearance and increased security. When a door is rotted out and peeling, it opens your garage to the outside elements. Moisture and air can easily pass through openings, providing little protection from the harsh winter months. This garage door replacement includes insulation as well, so any contents of the garage will have further protection. See the pictures below, and the difference a new garage door can make:

In addition to a new garage door, Winstal also installed a brand-new Genie Garage Door Opener. This high quality opener provides years of trusted service, with available keypads, remotes and wall consoles to make opening your door a breeze. Automated garage door opening, whenever you need it.


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