Harvey Classic Window Replacement – Abington, MA

For this Abington window replacement project, Winstal replaced an old garden window with a new Harvey Classic window.

Winstal installs all different types of replacement windows. From double-hung windows and bay windows, to picture windows and skylights, we can help with any project you have in mind. In this Abington home, the homeowner no longer had a need for the garden window. The garden window stuck out from the house too far. So they contracted Winstal to replace the window. After consulting with the owner, we decided on a slimmer Harvey Classic window. This project involved removing the supports for the old window, as well as repairing the white vinyl siding. This makes for a seamless transition. And if you look at the picture real closely, you can see friendly home improvement contractor Regina peeking through the window. Her smile lights up all of Winstal’s job sites across South Shore Massachusetts! If you’re interested in an Abington window replacement, contact us today!

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