Double-Hung Window Installation – Brockton, MA

In this Brockton window replacement, Winstal installed double-hung windows to replace drafty old ones.

Are you sick of the old windows on your house? Old windows can be a problem for any home. Drafty windows allow warm heat or cool air (depending on the season) to leak out of your home. Broken panes are both an eyesore and dangerous. Brand new windows can give your home a much needed facelift. For this Brockton window replacement project, Winstal replaced old windows with brand-new double-hung windows. With winter coming, the windows will help keep warmth in and coldness out. A double-hung window from Winstal especially. In addition to using energy-efficent glass, Winstal also includes insulation around the window frame, protecting your home from the elements. Are you looking for replacement windows in Brockton? Contact us today! See the before and after pictures of this project below:

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