Bay Window Replacement – Brockton, MA

For this Brockton bay window replacement, Winstal replaced a picture window with a brand-new bay window.

Winstal got its start installing replacement windows back in 1954. For over 60 years, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners across South Shore Massachusetts beautify their homes and make them more inviting with window replacements.


This Brockton home was no exception with its bay window replacement. The home had an existing picture window in their living room. While a picture window does open up your home to more natural light than a standard double-hung window, a vinyl bay window provides even more opportunity. As the bay window extends out of your home, it offers you more visibility to the outside world. You can look up and down your street, or peer into the driveway below. And with Harvey bay windows, you never have to worry about quality. Made of long-lasting vinyl, these windows will deliver high performance to your home for many years. The window panes open up using a handheld crank, allowing fresh air to freely enter your home.


As you can see, the new bay window makes the house look better, and offers more functionality than the old picture window. The bay window brings light and fresh air into the home, and gives the home’s appearance a dynamic look. Each of these windows are custom ordered for your home, ensuring the perfect look and fit for you. If you’re interested in a bay window replacement, a picture window, a bow window, or other specialty windows, please contact us using the link below. Winstal offers free consultations and no-obligation Free Estimates on all home improvement projects.


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