Bulkhead Replacement – Braintree, MA

For this Braintree bulkhead replacement, Winstal helped a homeowner replace an old rickety bulkhead with a brand new one from Bilco.

If you’re looking for a Braintree bulkhead replacement, this recent project is right up your alley. For this home improvement, Winstal was contracted to replace an old bulkhead. Bulkhead repair is a common request from our customers, and we’re happy to help with your needs. In this project, the existing bulkhead was made of wood and was certainly beaten up by harsh New England weather over the years. While an old wooden bulkhead may look nice in a Bob Ross painting, it doesn’t look great attached to your home. In addition to being a necessary update cosmetically, it’s also a security concern as well. A bulkhead like this can be a potential burglar’s dream, sometimes offering unsecured access to your home. This door was in major need of bulkhead repair.


With the addition of a new Bilco bulkhead, this basement access point looks great and is protected from the elements. Bilco is the premier bulkhead manufacturer, producing a high quality product at a reasonable cost. The resin coating is designed to resist the effect of cold and precipitation, while a secure locking mechanism helps to protect the basement door from unwanted visitors. All in all, bulkhead replacement is one of the best investments you can make in an older home. If you’re in need of bulkhead repair, look to Winstal. We’ve been helping homeowners across South Shore Massachusetts with bulkhead repair since 1954.


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