Bulkhead Replacement – Medfield, MA

Looking for a Medfield bulkhead replacement? Look to Winstal!

Winstal has been assisting customers in Medfield and other towns in the greater Boston area for over 60 years. Bulkhead replacement is one of the top home improvement projects customers request from us. If you have a wood bulkhead that’s rotted out or an older metal bulkhead that is rusted, contact us today! For this Medfield bulkhead replacement, the homeowner wanted to replace their existing steel bulkhead. The bulkhead was worn down from years of use, with a hole in the bottom corner to prove it. This bulkhead was in dire need of replacement. Not only does a faulty bulkhead open your home to the elements, it also can serve as a welcome mat to burglars. If this sounds like your bulkhead, it’s time to consider replacing it.

After a consultation with the homeowner, Winstal installed a brand-new Bilco bulkhead. Bilco uses a proprietary resin finish to ensure years of performance. This finish will help the bulkhead keep its original color longer. It’s also much better than conventional paint. The new reddish brown color matches the home’s chimney for a beautiful look. Choose from a variety of colors to make your bulkhead the perfect fit. In just an afternoon, this home’s appearance was drastically improved.


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