Mastic Vinyl Siding Installation – Weymouth, MA

For this Weymouth vinyl siding installation, Winstal worked with the homeowner to choose a beautiful color of Mastic Carvedwood called “Victorian Grey”.

This recent Weymouth vinyl siding replacement saw Winstal updating the home’s appearance with Mastic Carvedwood vinyl siding. This gave the homeowner an opportunity to update the home’s appearance and they took it! Formerly a white house, the home now features “Victorian Grey”, providing a beautiful and modern look. The new siding increases the curb appeal and helps to welcome visitors in.


These before and after pictures help to show how vinyl siding helps to transform the look of a home. With a 40 year shelf life, this Weymouth vinyl siding installation is guaranteed to look great for many years to come. In addition, it’s also easy to clean from dirt and debris. Simply spray any dirty spots with a hose to keep your home looking great.

In addition to replacing the vinyl siding, Winstal also installed a new Harvey storm door on the back of the home. This storm door is the perfect compliment to the new Mastic vinyl siding. A storm door comes with an included screen, which will serve the residents well in the summer months! A storm door also helps to protect your entry door from the elements, shielding it from snow, rain and dirt. It’s a versatile and easy improvement to make to your home.


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