Garage Door Trim, Trimwork, Window Sill Replacement – Easton, MA

In this Easton trimwork project, Winstal installed new window sills and covered up the faded wood with fresh-looking, long-lasting aluminum coil.

If you’re looking for Easton trimwork (cap and wrap) or window sill replacement, call on Winstal! We’ve been serving the South Shore for over 60 years. Since 1954, Winstal has been your best choice for a home improvement contractor in the Easton area. Replacing the trimwork on homes is one of our most popular services. It’s an easy way to update the look of your home without making a major investment. Cover up peeling paint and faded or rotted wood with alumnium coil. The aluminum coil is a long-lasting choice, with freedom from peeling or fading for many years.

Choose from a wide variety of colors to match your windows, doors, and window shutters perfectly. In this Easton trimwork project, the homeowner chose white to replace the existing blue around their garage doors. As you can see, it helps to accentuate the garage doors more, and provides a cleaner look to their garage.

Do you have old rotten or broken window sills? Winstal can replace your window sill and install a brand new one in its place. Rotted window sills can open your home to the elements and detract from its appearance. Alternatively if you’d like brand new windows in place as well as our sills, you could look into different services like from these Window Specialists. In this Easton trimwork project, we replaced the trim around all the windows, in addition to the garage door trim. You can see the difference in the before and after pictures:

Trimwork is like makeup for a house. Use it to create the perfect look for your home! Winstal will help you choose the perfect match for your home. Trimwork matches perfectly with other exterior home improvements like soffit, fascia, vinyl siding, and window shutters. – Are you looking for premium shutters? If so, you may want to check out these Great British Shutters for your American home. Let’s complete the improvements and the look!

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