Slider Window Replacement – Weymouth, MA

In this slider window replacement in Weymouth, Winstal provided the homeowner with a beautiful update to an older window.

A slider window replacement offers you functionality unlike other windows. The slider gives you access to the outside world, allowing for a fresh breeze to come in during spring, summer or fall. They also fill a larger space better than a traditional window. For this Weymouth home improvement project, the homeowner was looking for a contractor to replace an old slider window that had outlived its use. Winstal worked with them to choose and install a brand new EcoShield Series 2000HP Slider Window. EcoShield is a great choice for any type of window, with many years of faithful service ahead of it. They come in a multitude of variations and with custom ordering, they’re guaranteed to fit your home.

As you can see in the before and after pictures above, this window replacement helps to improve the home’s appearance and its usefulness. Unlike the older version, the new window will glide open with ease, bringing light and air into the home. It’s also insulated to help with energy efficiency. With the cool fall nights ahead of us, this Weymouth home is prepared for autumn!


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