EcoShield Window Replacement – Plymouth, MA

In this Plymouth window replacement, Winstal installed brand new EcoShield windows to update the home’s appearance.

This Plymouth window replacement project was a home located on White Horse Beach. White Horse Beach is a beautiful area. It offers fresh air and sea breezes. The home was in great shape, but in need of some window updates. The existing windows were older. And they didn’t provide the function that you’d expect from double-hung windows. New windows would help open the home to that fresh salty air. The Plymouth homeowners were looking for a home improvement contractor who was skilled in window replacements. Enter Winstal!

Winstal has worked in the Plymouth and White Horse Beach area since 1954. Over the past 60+ years, we’ve installed thousands of windows. It’s even our namesake, as Winstal is short for Window Installation. We consulted with the owners to choose the perfect vinyl replacement windows for their home. Ultimately, they settled on EcoShield windows, which is a fine choice! The EcoShield Series 2000HP windows make for a beautiful upgrade to the home’s exterior. However, they also offer an upgrade in function. The double-hung windows open inward for easy cleaning and ventilation. You can see the difference in the pictures below:

As you can see in the before and after pictures above, the new windows provide an instant upgrade to the home’s appearance. With improvements to the appearance and functionality, window replacements are an excellent choice for any homeowner! As a result, the home’s curb appeal is vastly improved.


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