Bulkhead Replacement – Walpole, MA

In this Walpole bulkhead replacement project, Winstal was contracted to install a brand-new Bilco bulkhead.

Winstal is your best bet for bulkhead replacement in Walpole and other areas of South Shore Massachusetts. We’ve been repairing and replacing bulkhead doors for over 60 years. For this Walpole bulkhead replacement, we were hired to help the homeowners deal with a long-standing problem. The existing bulkhead was showing severe signs of aging, with rust beginning to appear inside the door. They decided to replace the old bulkhead with a new one from Bilco. Bilco bulkheads are well-made for years of faithful service. As you can see in the before and after pictures below, they also provide a cosmetic lift to your home as well.

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