Bulkhead Replacement – Pembroke, MA

In this Pembroke bulkhead replacement, Winstal replaced an old bulkhead with a brand new one from Gordon.

Winstal is your best choice if you’re looking for a Pembroke bulkhead replacement. For this project, we were contacted by a homeowner looking to replace an old bulkhead door with a new version. After a free consultation, the Pembroke homeowner chose to go with a Gordon bulkhead, an affordable and long-lasting option. Gordon bulkheads can be painted any color you’d like, to perfectly match your home.

Bulkheads are a very visual part of your home. An old bulkhead with rotted wood or rusty steel can be an eyesore. They can also open your home to the elements. See how this bulkhead replacement turned out in the before and after pictures below:


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