Bilco Bulkhead Doors

Bilco Bulkhead Doors

Bilco Bulkhead Doors provide easy and secure access to your basement.

These secure steel Bilco bulkhead doors are available with a factory-applied polyester powder coat finish. The polyester resin provides a durable, weather-resistant coating. Cured at higher temperatures than most wet coatings, the result is a tougher and chip-resistant coating with door weather seal, providing both a decorative and protective finish for your bulkhead door.


Advantages & Features of Bilco Bulkhead Doors

  • Offered in four standard colors (white, sandstone, light gray and brick) with a textured finished
  • Available on our most popular steel sided door sizes, Size B, Size C, and extension panels
  • Offers a superior finish to conventional paint
  • Makes the Bilco door durable, attractive and extremely scratch-resistant
  • Powder coat finish is ideal for metal products used in exterior applications
  • Retains finish color longer
  • Process is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free


Available colors:

Bilco Bulkhead Door Colors

Before and After pictures of Bulkhead Replacements:

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