Bulkhead Replacement and Installation

Bulkhead replacement has been a hallmark of Winstal’s work over the past 60 years.

Many homes in South Shore Massachusetts have bulkhead doors, which provide easy access to your basement or cellar. Often, these bulkheads rust out if they’re steel, or become rotted if they’re made of wood. Winstal can help you with your bulkhead replacement needs by helping you pick the bulkhead that’s right for your home. We proudly and exclusively install Bilco bulkhead doors. Bilco steel bulkheads include a factory-applied powder coat finish to ensure years of faithful service. This finish is ideal for retaining its original color longer and is far superior than conventional paint. Bilco is the number one brand of bulkheads on the market, and we are proud to install them exclusively.


In addition to making your home look better, a new bulkhead door offers your home security from unwanted visitors. Old bulkhead doors are an easy target for someone looking to gain entry to your home. Especially wooden bulkheads, which are especially prone to rotting out. As well as your old bulkheads being a target, old locks that may be worn on these doors may need replacing, as outlined in these locksmith safety tips. As a solution, steel bulkheads are guaranteed for years of service, with a durable weather-resistant coating and a secure locking mechanism. Take the steps to protect your home and prepare it for years to come with a new bulkhead from Winstal. Based in Brockton, we’ve served the Braintree and South Shore area of Massachusetts for over 60 years. Join our list of satisfied customers today, where you can get a Free Estimate for any home improvement project.


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