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Check out the other home improvement projects Winstal has experience with, beyond windows and doors.

No matter what you’re looking to do, chances are we’ve done it. From garage doors, retractable deck/patio awnings and basement bulkheads to building entranceways and installing an arbor for your yard, Winstal is experienced in almost anything you can dream of! If you need to make these changes to upgrade your house’s curb appeal as you’re selling your house then this will not only help you increase the value of the property but also help you sell it quicker. If you want to make your home improvement dream a reality but are lacking the funds to do so, you can check out home improvement loans from SoFi. If you are still having issues selling your home after making these changes then you may want to visit this website. If you still haven’t made any changes to your house then here are some of our recent projects:

Enclosed Porch Construction

An enclosed porch is a great way to expand your living space. Whether you’re looking for a nice sitting room to enjoy your morning coffee in the spring, or you want a place to play cards with friends on a warm summer night, a screened porch or deck could be just what you are looking for. Fitted with sleek windows all around to let the morning shine through you could look into a company like Window World Oahu or similar to install your new windows and greatly improve the look of your home while perhaps increasing the market price. Click here to view a full post on this home improvement project.


One of the most popular projects that we do is Trimwork, also called Cap & Wrap. This involves covering the perimeter of windows, doors and other openings of a house with vinyl-coated aluminum coil stock. This is an easy way to update the look of your home and goes well with fascia and soffit (which we also do). The vinyl coating has a “wood grain” texture, giving it a natural look. If you have peeling paint around your windows or doors, adding exterior trimwork makes it look like new for years to come. Trimwork is the perfect complement for new windows, doors, or vinyl siding. Like vinyl siding, trimwork ensures you will never have to worry about painting again!

Patio/Arbor Construction

For this project, the homeowner was looking to spruce up the construction of a new garage. Winstal suggested adding an adjacent patio with an attached arbor to give a decorative look to an otherwise boring area. Clearly upgrading the curb appeal and value of the home, this construction was a success. By adding this patio, the homeowner now has a lovely sitting area for picnics or campfires during the summer. With the accompanying flower garden, this patio and arbor turn a potential eyesore into a valuable addition to the home. Click here to view the full post on this home improvement project.

Portico Construction

Have a dilapidated portico or an aging overhang? Winstal can help you! We can redesign or reconstruct your entryway to increase its curb appeal and functionality. Tired of fumbling with your keys in the rain? An overhang will help keep you dry before you get inside!

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