Prime Doors, Storm Doors, Patio Doors

A new front door replacement could be the most important feature of your home.

What’s the first thing people notice about your house? Your front door. It frames your home and serves as a welcome to both you and your visitors. With a new door replacement, you can bring a whole new life to your home. A storm door can let you air our your house in the summer, or protect your front door from the elements in the winter. At Winstal, we carry the complete selection of Harvey, Therma-Tru, and EcoShield. Whether you’re replacing a rickety old storm door, or adding a sliding glass door to your patio, we have you covered with your interior door installation. Find out how to choose between wood, steel and fiberglass doors here!

Before and After pictures of Door Replacements

Prime Doors

Sometimes called front or entry doors, prime doors are made to be secure. Most often, they are the front door to your house, but can be any point of entry. Designed to secure your home, these offer you superior protection and a beautiful appearance. When you choose Winstal as your door replacement contractor, you get a quality job at a fair price.

Storm Doors

The perfect accompaniment to your front door, storm doors offer you versatility. Bring in fresh summer air with the built-in screen. Or open up your home to more sunlight with large glass panes. Storm doors also protect your front door from the harsh elements. Rain and snow can damage, requiring repair or door replacement.

Sliding Glass and Other Patio Doors

If you have a deck or patio, a sliding glass door is the best way to take advantage of your outdoor living space. These doors easily glide open and come with a sliding screen door, opening your home to fresh air and sunlight! In addition to sliding glass doors, Winstal also installs french patio doors as well, so look to us for your next door replacement and installation.

Garage Doors

Garage doors offer you easy access to your home or standalone garage, shed, or any other outdoor storage buildings. They can be opened manually, or controlled with an electronic garage door opener.

Cellar Doors

These smaller doors are typically made of steel or fiberglass, and offer you easy access to your basement or cellar. They can be accompanied by windows or installed alone. A well-installed cellar door can also protect against flooding, as the basement is a naturally low point for rainwater to flow.

Bulkhead Doors

Like the Cellar Doors above, Bulkheads offer you easy and secure access to your basement. Made of steel, these doors have a polyester resin finish, providing a durable, weather-resistant coating. Steel is becoming a very reliable and trusty material to use for these types of household features, with people and companies now even looking to purchase stainless steel channel
for more upscale projects. But if you need a simple bulkhead replacement, look to Winstal.

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