Skylights, Roof Windows and Sun Tunnels

Skylights are your window to the sun & sky, letting in a copious amount of light to otherwise dark rooms.

Install a VELUX venting skylight and let the fresh air in and the stale air out. By giving that room a view to the outside world, you can invite sunshine and fresh air into your house. Skylights also give you more space by raising the ceiling and creating open space. They add a tremendous amount to your home, for a relatively small investment.

Not to mention the value that it adds to your home. According to research done by the National Association of Home Buyers, 55% of new homeowners rate skylights as desirable or essential. In addition, 78% of potential buyers are looking for rooms with more light, as well as open and spacious rooms. It makes sense, skylights add so much to a home. Skylights are a great way to make an older house look modern. Aside from cosmetic benefits, skylights also help to reduce your energy costs by providing natural light, eliminating the need for lamps during the day. Find out how you can save more money with tax credits and rebates!

Energy Efficient Skylights

Winstal has a wide selection available for your choosing. We’ve been installing high quality skylights for over 30 years. We feature VELUX brand roof windows, skylights & sun tunnels. They’re long-lasting, user-friendly, and most importantly, beautiful! From a smaller, bedroom-size window, to a full-size living room version, we can fufill your needs. Choose either manual hand crank or electronic wall mount for opening. We can even install a highly advanced version, which activates automatically depending on the weather or temperature! Here’s how VELUX can illuminate your home:

Velux Skylights and Roof Windows


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